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Influencer marketing is relatively a new marketing concept which is going strong with the expansion of social media. It is an approach where a brand or a company works with an influencer to promote the product or services. There could be different objectives for the campaign which may aim at selling more product or services or improve brand visibility on social media.
The core concept of this marketing approach is based on the ability of an individual to influence the brand perception or the buying journey. As the digital platforms increasingly impacts the buying process and decision making this approach has gained momentum and ground in recent years. An influencer can be broadly seen as a trusted individual with loyal followings across digital platforms.

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The Leading Agency for Digital Influencer Marketing

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Many brands know that influencer marketing impacts the brand perception positively but they don’t know the roadmap. Redd as Influencer Marketing Agency draws that roadmap and strategy of influencer marketing campaign for our clients.
Agency draws that roadmap and strategy of influencer marketing campaign for our clients.
As an Indian Influencer Marketing Agency, we design the scalable and most trustworthy influencer campaign for the brands to meet the desired outcome.

  • -Generate awareness for brands through incisive campaigns
  • -Increase numbers in sales and purchases
  • -Higher traffic to website
  • -More app downloads

Red Rhymes as [Influencer] Marketing Agency

As an influencer marketing agency we maintain a strong relationship with influencers from all major areas like food, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, sports, movie and more. Our consistent approach and strong expertise as an influencer marketing agency in India powers us to match the right influencer to your brand, product or service. Our team of experts use past data and tools to ensure all campaigns are specific and aligned to drive maximum brand awareness or sales. We curate our recommendations based on past experiences to ensure the brand meets the right audience at the right platform for each campaign through our influencer community.

Redd platform of influencers aims to meet brand objectives, whether it be awareness, engagement, sales or all of them. Irrespective of your campaign budget we can create the campaigns. Some of our lead programs are described as below

  • Micro Influencer Campaigns
  • Strategic Celebrity Partnerships
  • YouTube Influencers
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Brand Awareness
  • Celebrity Brand Loyalty Programs
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